GRAND DESIGN Modern Living Room Makeover

Hey guys. We’ve partnered with Ellen and Behr paint to bring you an all-new home makeover show. This is gunna look awesome. On Grand Design, it’s all about how you can get the biggest bang for your buck for just $1,000, with easy design tips and tricks to transform any room. It’s our Grand Design. So, Kalli and Julia, they’re grad students they’re living together in a one bedroom.

Yeah. They’ve kind of got it set up like a dorm room. Two beds in the bedroom, and then they’ve got their living room area.  Correct. Hello! My name is Julia. I’m Kalli. The space is great, it’s really open, there’s a lot of light. But I think a little flair, something that brings some comfort. >> Kalli and Julia’s Grand Design calls for a contemporary look, with updated seating, and plenty of space for entertaining.  Hey. Come on in- Alright, let’s see it. This is the space.  Alright, alright.  The living room! We love using the space to entertain and have people over. $1,000, one day, we’ve got you ladies covered. Thank you! We trust you!  I am so excited to see tonight- to come back and see how the heck this turns out. Again, we don’t know how they’re going to do it we trust them, but like, what the what! First things first, I think the way they have the furniture oriented doesn’t work inside the space.

Yeah.  It’s way too big. It’s cramped. They say they like to entertain and have friends over if we’ve got some modular-type seatings-  Yes.  Something that allows for additional people to sit. As far as colors go, I want to do a fun interactive feature wall that makes this into, kind of like this party room area but sophisticated. We’ll go download the team, pick the exact colors we want, and just get started on this thing.  Alright, so we have the Behr Premium Plus Ultra. >> They have over 2,000 colors which makes it-  Very, very easy. Yeah. Well and the Ultra line is longer lasting, so as long as they’re going to be living here, it will be fine. When you are renting, you don’t want to put a ton of money into this space. We’re giving them these economical, easy updates. They have the furniture, it’s just having those items, those feature walls that really stand out.

You guys are looking for a super economical way to create a great feature wall, get a roll of frog tape tape out a random geometric pattern on the wall, select your different colors, place them randomly throughout the pattern after everything dries take the tape away and you’ll have an incredible result.  Wooh! That is well done. Not bad.  Not bad! Clean this up, because I think we’re down to the last couple hours here.  Down to the end of it. Alright. Let’s do it. When you have a bold color in the space, don’t be afraid to compliment it with furniture.

It really makes it stand out.  So I think they are going to be over the moon.  You might have to have in some ear plugs, because I think the scream and the yell is going to be very, very loud. We’re ready to do it?  Yes!  Ready?  Open that door.  My God.  Go in there. Wait, what! My Gosh! This is a lovely home!  Wait, what! Literally beyond our imagination. Look at it! Look at it! We could have never pictured that it would look as amazing as it does.  I never-  Yeah! Okay, first and foremost-  Okay.  Talk out this wall. Yeah!  Is this sick? What!  This is amazing.

So, geometrics: hot, hot, hot right now.  We wanted this to be a sophisticated room.  Yes. And having a wall like this definitely does it.  We’re just thankful- and we promise we’re gunna share it. We’re gunna share it- Our friends have been here they’re going to come all the time.  I think the takeaway with furniture- it’s about scale. Scale, scale, scale. You have to look at the size of the room that you’ve got and work within those confines. And you’ve got all this more room to move around really get the fist pumping going. Yes!  I see that you like to jump.

Yes! We love to dance, and we love to have a good time- We love to dance.  So we can not wait to test it out- Yes! It’s so unique!  Our friends are going to freaking love it. Thank you!  Good luck to you guys.  Now that we’re done with our Grand Design, we’re going to check out the neighborhood.  No.  So what do we have in store? So you guys are putting so much work into giving us this amazing gift to spruce up our apartment. So we wanted to say thank you.

We brought you here to the OUE, it’s an outdoor glass slide located 1,000 feet-  Up above us! So let’s go! He’s so afraid of heights. You guys can give me a push. You’ve got it. 3, 2, 1- Go!  Wooh hoo!  Good job! On the next episode of Grand Design. My body’s not built to do that.  Yeah. This is it. We’re at about max capacity. Yeah. That’s it.  Wow!  Wow!.

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