How to Design Studio Apartment | Small Office Space in New York on a Budget | Simply Decorate

Hi, this is Maxine Shriber from Simply Decorate today we doing a studio for a young lady who just moved into New York City. She downloaded all of her style she wanted it to be contemporary airy and bright and of course cuz she’s 21 a little bold and edgy. She picked her colors which were creamy a turquoise green and a beautiful strong yellow she also gave us the things that she needed in the room and the budget which was twenty five to three thousand dollars she gave us her wish list and then she also told us the things that she was keeping which was her coffee table love seat a bookshelf and her wall to wall carpeting which was part of the apartment.

She also told us a little things about herself that you want to the dining room chairs to be thirty inches high because she wanted them by the bar area of the kitchen she also let me know that she lives in New York City and that she’s young and that the most important thing is she wanted it to look young and she didn’t want it to look like an all persons apartment so it was pretty easy to get together and get all the things that she needed. She downloaded her floor plan which is very lucky for us because it was a new building and she also downloaded all the pictures have the room and you could see that grey or brownish color carpeting that’s throughout so of course immediately we know we have to cover those things so that they will take away from the room so we looked at our floor plan and started working it out we had to give her bedroom plus a living room plus a place to study and also a dining area we picked fabulous colors.

All the colors that she wanted him Prince carpeting it just started all coming together for her and for us from the Collage you could see we really got the flavor of the girl we got bold colors fun carpets Great Prince and she got a look that young and very much her. So we also gave her three 3D’s this way she could see where everything is everything is you notice the living room has the dining seating by her counter top she has a desk area a comfy chair we divided her living room with a shelving units so she can put all her books and then if you go into the foyer you could see we put the fabulous mirror and a console for her to have her keys down and to welcome her guests and as you further go into the room we could see her bedroom which we put curtains is behind the bookshelves so she could have some privacy and we did a wonderful West headboard which gives her that young young look I think it’s a great space and can you believe this is a studio.

So what simply decorate does the very best is giving you a shopping list in fact our client also said I live in New York City and I’d rather shop online and have everything delivered and that’s exactly what she can do all you have to do is hit shop now and should have it all delivered and fact she did and the place looks fabulous this is Maxine Shriber again but 269 you could have your bedroom or living room or even your dining room done and its as simple as Simple Decorate has showed you. Hope you are having a great day see you soon..

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