Modern Traditional Interior Design

The modern traditional interior design has become more popular over the last few years. With the many benefits of this design type, more people are choosing to implement this into their homes. This article will explore why the traditional home decor is making a comeback. With this information you should be able to see how modern traditional interior design can help you improve the look of your home and increase its value.

modern traditional interior design

The traditional home decor is an idyllic comfort zone. It reminds us of bygone times when folk lived happily ever after. It is a time where domestic violence did not exist and there were no kids running around in packs. It is a time where family was taken for granted and domestic problems took a backseat to more important issues.

This look exudes warmth and class and makes you feel connected to the history of your surroundings. There is something indescribable about the experience of sitting down in your family room taking a long, lazy Sunday afternoon relaxing. A fireplace and a nice wooden table add the look. The colours and textures of the walls and furniture are inviting and comforting. It is hard to describe this kind of comfort but if you have ever been there you will know what I mean.

The modern design does not have that same warm ambience. In fact the atmosphere can often feel quite stark and harsh. The architecture and design are often very modern looking with sharp, square lines and clean cut lines. Black and white are often used in the furniture and this creates an edgy and untidy look. Furniture can be very basic in nature with simple pieces on the furniture or a very generous amount of cushions on the sofas. There are less personal touches.

In contrast, you will find that with traditional home decor, the decor is very decorative with lots of frills, lace and flowers. The tables and couches are usually very big and ornate. The walls are painted a neutral colour. If you have some old fashioned items on the walls such as old pictures of gardens or even a wall tapestry, then you will still find that the design has a welcoming and comforting effect. The feel of this style of interior design cannot quite be described by words.

When you combine the two styles of traditional home decor and modern design, you create a blend that is totally unique. You can feel that you are transported back to the days of your childhood where comfort was king. Everything you see and experience at home is a joy. There is nothing more invigorating than coming home after a long day and sitting down to a great home cooked meal.

There is something very special about sitting in your house alone with the lights turned out so that you can read your favourite books. You may prefer to sit and enjoy the warmth of the fire in your hearth. You can relish family China and decorated plates and cups with hand-painted effects. You can really get into the feel of a traditional home by choosing interior design items like velvet drapes and antique dining tables.

There are so many ways that a little knowledge of traditional interior design can add to your home. You don’t need to buy expensive materials and furnishings to make a statement about who you are. All it takes is a splash of colour and a dash of patterns. Start off with a little colour and give your walls and floors time to mellow out. If you take a lot of pride in your interior design and use practical and affordable furnishings, then you will be adding to the atmosphere of your home.